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Alpine and Rockery Plants*
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A Rock Wall
Rockery Plants are often referred to as Alpine plants as many of them originally came from mountainous areas such as the Alps.
As such they like well drained soil with a good concentration of coarse sand or gravel mixed through it.
Nowadays they are are often sold simply as low growing Perennials.
They are ideal in Rockeries, Walls, Tubs, Baskets or simply on the ground.
Some Shrub and Conifer varieties are small enough to be suitable in a Rockery.
Like most Plants, Alpines are sold by Pot size.
Our standard prices are*:
1 Litre
2 Litre
Some unusual varieties, or ones that are difficult to grow, may cost more.

Heathers: are ideally suited to the Rockery

Click on Picture for Heather List

Click on Picture for Heather List

Conifers suitable for the Rockery - a selection

Abies Balsamea "Hudsonia"
Chamaecyparis "Ellwoodii"
Chamaecyparis "Ellwood's Gold"
Cham. Obtusa "Nana Gracilis"
Chamaecyparis "Minima Aurea"
Chamaecyparis "Minima Glauca"
Chamaecyparis Psifera "Boulevard"
Cham. Psifera "Filifera"+ "Aurea"
Juniperus Communis "Compressa"
Jun. Communis "Depressa Aurea"
Juniperus Squamata 'Blue Star'
Picea Abies "Nidiformis"
Picea Glauca "Albertiana Conica"
Pinus Mugo "Gnom"
Pinus Sylvestris "Beuvronensis"
Psuedotsuga Menziesii "Fletcheri"
Thuja Occidentalis Danica
Thuja Occidentalis "Hetz Midget"
Thuja Occidentalis "Rheingold"
Thuja Orientalis "Aurea Nana"
Tsuga Canadensis "Pendula"

Shrubs suitable for the Rockery - a selection

Acer Japonicum "Aureum"
Acer Palmatum "Dissectum"
A Palm. Dissectum Atropurpureum"
Azalea (Japanese)
Berberis Thunbergii Atropurpureum "Nana"
Cistus Lusitanicus "Decumbens"
Daphne Cneorum
Erica species
Fabiana Imbricata "Prostrata"
Hebe "Armstrongii"
Hebe "Carl Teschner"
Hebe Pinguifolia "Pagei"
Hebe Ochracea

Japanese Azalea Garden
Hebe - various other varieties
Helianthemum species
Hypericum Polyphylum
Philadelphus Microphylus
Rododendron "Blue Tit"
Rododendron "Bow Bells"
Rododendron "Elizabeth"
Rhododendron - various dwarf types
Rosmarinus Prostratus
Salix Lanata
Spirea Japonica "Alpina"
Spirea Japonica "Bullata"
Syringa - dwarf

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