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Ageratum (Blue/White) Lobelia - Trailing (Mixed/Self Colours)
Alyssum (Pink/White/Mixed) Marigolds - African
Antirrhinum (Mixed/Self Colours) Marigolds - American (Triploid)
Aster Marigolds - French
Begonia Semp (Bronze Leaf/Mixed/Self Colours) Marigold - Scots (Calendula)
Begonia Semp (Green Leaf/Mixed/Self Colours) Mimulus (Mixed/Self Colours)
Begonia Non Stop Nasturtium (Mixed/Self Colours)
Calendula (Scots Marigold) Nemesia
Carnation Nicotiana
Cinneraria (Silver) Pansies (Mixed/Self Colours)
Chrysanthemums, Bedding, Bloom, Spray  
Dahlia Petunia - Single/Double (Mixed/Self Colours)
Dianthus Salvia (Red/Purple/Mixed)
Godetia Stocks
Geraniums (Mixed/Self Colours) Sweet Peas (Mixed/Self Colours)
Impatiens - Bizzy Lizzies (Mixed/Self Colours) Sweet William (Annual)
Lavatera Tagetes
Livingston Daisies Verbena
Lobelia - Bush ( Mixed/Self Colours) Violas

Bellis "Daisy" Sweet William
Mysotis (Forget-me-nots) Pink or Blue Wallflower
Polyanthus "Winter Flowering" Pansies
Primula "Winter Flowering" Violas

All Plants subject to availability

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