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Variegated pale cream & green foliage, flowers in shades of red

Climbing Mixed


Dawn Glow


Empress of India

Dark red/green foliage with flowers of red

Gleam Hybrids

Select mix of semi double flowers, trailing habit with flowers of range, red & yellow

Glowing Embers

Bright mix of orange and scarlet


Flowers of crimson/red, scarlet/orange, gold & sulphur yellow


Orange yellow with bright red markings


Moonlight yellow, trailing habit

Out of Africa

Attractive variegated leaves, trailing variety, flowers in shades of red.

Peach Melba

Bright cream flowers marked with maroon

Princess of India

Dark leafed compacted with flowers of yellow, orange, red & cream

Strawberry Ice

Large cream flowers with a deep red throat

Sunset Pink

Pink flowers on compact plants

Tom Thumb

Mix of reds, mahogany, gold & orange


A mix of cherry/red, mahogany, gold, orange, scarlet & tangerine

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