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Sweet Peas
We can offer as many as 25+ varieties, tall and dwarf, of quality grown sweet peas from March on.
Sweet Peas are very hardy and can be planted as early as March.
All varieties make excellent, long lasting cut flowers.

Tall varieties that will need Cane support

Minimum of 15 plants per pot - Priced at £1.49

All in 9cm Pots
Minimum of 15 plants/pot
Priced at £1.25
Tall Varieties Description
BLUE SHADES MIXED A blend of shades of blues & bluish white, great scent
BURGUNDY RIPPLE MIXED Burgundy reds & ripples, very good scent
EXHIBITION CUT FLOWER Long stemmed, quality blooms
FLOWER ARRANGERS DELIGHT Selected to give the widest range of pastel, picotee & striped blooms
GALAXY MIXED Mixed clear colours with large flowers & good scent
GIANT CUT FLOWER MIXED Selection of colours with large flowers and long strong stems, scented
OLD ENGLISH GARDEN MIXED Blend of colours with a good scent
OLD ENGLISH MIXED Ideal for cutting, traditional blend from early Victorian strains
OLD FASHION SCENTED MIXED Blend of colours including marbles & picotees, good scent
PATIO MIXED Tall & particularly well scented
PINK Excellent cut flower, scented
PINK SHADES MIXED Pinks & pinkish white, good scent
RED Excellent cut flower, scented
ROYALS FAMILY MIXED - NEW Good colour mix, strong stems, and great scent
SPENCER MIXED Mix of bright colours, good scent
SPENCER WAVE MIXED Excellent cut flowers, scented
SPENCER RED Red flowers
SPENCER WHITE White flowers
SUPER SNOOP Sweetly scented in shades of red, pink blue or white
WHITE Excellent cut flower, scented
Dwarf varieties for Tubs and Hanging Baskets
All in 9cm Pots - Minimum of 15 plants per pot - Priced at £1.49

Dwarf Varieties Description
CONTINENTAL MIXED Dwarf mixture which can be grown without support
CUPID - PINK Sweet scented, ideal for hanging baskets & patio containers
KNEE HI MIXED Good colour blend
SWEET SENSATION MIXED Good colour blend, ideal for hanging baskets
LITTLE SWEETHEART MIXED-NEW Dwarf bush, bright colours of red, pink, white, rose and purple

Sweet Pea "Cupid"

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