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Original GRO-BAG

The ubiquitous and original GRO-BAG still only £2.79

The Gro-Bag was originally developed for the commercial grower's market where it was ideal for use with automated watering and feeding systems.
When it was introduced to the retail market it quickly caught on even though its limitations soon became evident.
As the Tomato plants reach maturity it becomes increasingly difficult to keep them watered evenly throughout the day as a Gro-Bag simply cannot hold a lot of water at any one time.
Even if watered first thing in the morning it was not unusual to come home in the evening to find the Tomato plants wilting.
When watered in this wilted state the sudden rush of water often caused the fruit to swell too quickly and split at the end.
This problem has increased over the years as Gro-Bags got smaller and smaller in an attempt to keep them priced at 99p.
Also the fertilizer content was so low they required constant feeding.
These weren't problems for the commercial grower with his automated watering and feeding systems but it was for us Gardeners.
The new Tomato Planter and Vegetable Planter are significantly larger than the original Gro-Bag and are filled with proper Compost making Tomato and veg growing so much easier.

N.B. Gro-bags, Planters and Sacs can be used for growing strawberries too.

The Giant Tomato Planter
Only £4.99

The Giant Vegetable Planter
Only £4.99

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