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 Hose Fittings

The 'quick connect' system is designed to let you attach your hose to your tap, as well as attach accessories to your hose quickly and effortlessly.
Hozelock's range of connectors helps you to do this.

Connectors can be separated into 2 main groups:
1) Tap connectors
2) Hose connectors

Tap connectors attach to your tap, and allow you to quickly attach your hose to it. These are available for threaded outdoor taps, and also for a variety of indoor taps, if you don't have a tap in your garden. There are also tap connectors that allow you to connect two or even four hoses up to the same tap

Hose connectors come in a variety of forms and serve a variety of functions.

The basic hose end connector (2166) fits onto the end of your hose, and then allows you to click the hose onto your tap, or an accessory (e.g., nozzle) onto your hose.

A special 'water-stop' connector (2185) is ideal for the accessory end of your hose, because it stops water flow whenever you disconnect your hose end attachment.
You can therefore change your accessory - from a nozzle to a gun, for example - without getting wet!

A hose repair connector (2100) allows you to permanently join two lengths of hose - in case you damage your hose and need to remove a length, or perhaps to join two hoses to achieve a hose long enough to cover the length of your garden.

There are many other types of hose connectors available.

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