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To get the best out of your garden you need to protect your plants in advance and not wait for pests and diseases to appear before spraying.
Also, during the growing period itself, best results can be achieved by regular applications of liquid fertilisers and foliar feeds so you will soon come to look on your garden sprayer as an indispensable garden tool.

Select the Right Treatment
There are safe treatments now for just about every insect or fungus disease that is likely to cause problems.
Applying treatments must be done with care as splashing chemicals about indiscriminately with a watering can (e.g. when applying weed killers) can do more harm than good.
All chemicals should be applied sparingly and always through an efficient sprayer.
Not only is this method more effective and safer it also makes for considerable savings in expensive chemicals.

Small pre-mixed sprayers may be handy for individual plants but for more extensive spraying pressure sprayers offer better value.
Concentrated insecticides diluted with water offer up to 15 times more spray for the same money.
An 8 litre sprayer is ideal for large gardens, lawn weedkilling applications, rose gardens and small orchards.
There's a wide choice from Killaspray (prod no 4518) up to Premier (prod no 4408) or Premier Plus (prod no 4518).
A knapsack sprayer carries an even greater volume of solution comfortably on the back and requires a minimum of effort.

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