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To keep your lawn looking green and lush, you need to water it regularly and evenly.
Hozelock offers a range of lawn sprinklers to help!
Sprinklers can be divided into three groups:

1) Rotating sprinklers usually deliver water in a fixed pattern, and sometimes offer a selection of spray patterns.
The rotating spike sprinkler (2125), for example, delivers water in a circular pattern across a fixed area, while the dial sprinkler (2375) offers five different fixed spray patterns (from square to circular) for different areas of the garden. Hozelock Rotating Sprinklers
2) Oscillating sprinklers deliver water in a square or rectangular pattern, from a row of spray jets that slowly oscillate.
Hozelock offers two types of oscillating sprinkler. The standard AquaStorm oscillators incorporate simple spray bars and are available in three sizes for different coverage areas. The AquaStorm 2'n1 oscillators offer both a standard spray action and a special fine spray action, for delicate plants. AquaStorm 2'n1 oscillators are available in two sizes.
3) Full and Part circle sprinklers take the circular spray pattern of a Rotating sprinkler and combine this with the area control feature of an Oscillating sprinkler. There are two ultra-efficient Full and Part circle sprinklers in the Hozelock range. The AquaStorm 360? provides a jet spray, which is ideal for watering lawns and established plants, whilst the AquaStorm 360? 2’n1 also has a gentle mist spray for seedlings and delicate plants. Both the AquaStorm 360? and the AquaStorm 360? 2’n1 are available with a strong metal spike for maximum stability of soft ground, or an all-terrain sled base

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