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How to Plant a Bulb (and other info)

CrocusBulbs should be in every garden. They can add colour early in the year when there's not much colour about in the garden. They are easy to grow even by inexperienced gardeners.

Spring flowering bulbs such as Snowdrops and Crocus are the first to grow, early in the year, when it is too cold for other plants.
Snowdrops really are the first signs of Spring and can cheer you up during a hard winter. They are followed by Crocus, Daffodils and Tulips.

Dig a hole in the soil or in a pot about twice the depth of the bulb.
If planting several bulbs plant at least twice their width apart to allow them room to split and reproduce.
Most bulbs are pointed in shape - make sure the growing tips are pointing upwards. Take care with Begonias - they have no point - plant hollow side up.
Some bulbs such as Anenomes are flat in shape with no obvoius point and it can be difficult to know which way up to plant them. Look for signs of growth to give you a clue - if in doubt plant on their sides! The shoot will bend upwards as it develops.

Once the bulbs are in position gently cover them with soil taking care to disturb them as little as posssible. Firm the soil with the palm of your hand.

It's good practice to place label stick where you've planted bulbs in the soil so that you can avoid trampling this area and damaging the bulbs as they develop.
The label can aslo tell you the varieties you've planted.


Finish off all bulb planting with tulips, daffodils and crocus. Use Bulb Booster Compost when planting patio containers and try 3 layers of bulbs in one pot for long-term interest - tulips deepest, followed by daffodils and topped off with crocus. When planting in garden soil a dressing of Bulb Booster Plant Food will encourage vigorous root growth, lush foliage and an abundance of flowers.

I hope you find these information sheets helpful as a basic guide.

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