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Peat is the base for most Composts.
One of the most convenient way of adding "Humus" to soil is in the form
of Peat.
Peat is also an excellent "mulch" for keeping plants moist and for
keeping weeds down.
There is a great deal of controversy over the use of peat so many People
are now looking for alternatives to Peat.
  • Peat is used as the base for most Composts.
  • Peat is an excellent way of adding humus to the soil.
  • Peat is also an excellent mulch for keeping weeds down.
Levington Gro-Bags
only £

Still a favourite for growing Tomatoes, Cucumbers etc.
Gro-Bags are no substitute for Compost - they have very little feeding in them.

See also Bark, Coir and Cocoa Shell

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