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  • A range of Evergreen Trees.
  • They come in a range of shades of green, blue and yellow.
  • Some newer varieties even come flecked giving an attractive effect.
  • They come in a variety of shapes e.g. upright, prostrate, conical, pyramidal.
  • Some are slow growing others are fast growing and make good hedges.
  • They require little maintenance although hedging varieties will need pruning.
  • Grow well in Tubs as well as in all areas of the garden.
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"Columnaris Glauca"

" Hibernica"


Conifer & Heather Garden
These two go wonderfully together
for an evergreen Garden with Colour too.

Thuja Orientalis
" Aurea"
Prices from £2.49
Conifers for Hedging
Chamaecyparis "Allummii" Leylandii - green Leyandii - "Castlewellan Gold"
Cupressus Macrocarpa Pinus Nigra Pinus Sylvestris
Taxus Baccata Thuja Plicata  

"Coloured Conifers"

Blue, Blue-Green, Blue Grey
Abies Arizonica "Compacta" Abies Pinsapo "Glauca" Cedrus Atlantica "Glauca"
Chamaecyparis "Allumii" Chamaecyparis "Columnaris" Cham. Psifera "Boulevard"
Cupressus Arizonica Jun. Chinensis "Pyramidalis" Juniperus Horizontalis "Glauca"
Juniperus Squamata "Meyeri" Juniperus "Skyrocket" Picea Pungens " Koster"
Pinus Strobus "Nana" Pinus Wallichiana Pseudotsuga Menziesii Fletcheri
Sequoiadendron giganteum    


Chamaecyparis "Ellwoodii" Chamaecyparis "Fletcheri" Jun. Communis "Compressa"
Jun. Sabina Tamariscifolia Pinus Sylvestris  


Cedrus Atlantica "Aurea" Cedrus Deodora "Aurea" Chamaecyparis "Ellwood's Gold"
Chamaecyparis "Lane" Chamaecyparis "Lutea" Chamaecyparis "Minima Aurea"
Chamaecyparis "Stewartii" Cham. Psifera "Filifera Aurea" Cupr. Macrocarpa "Goldcrest"
Jun.Com. "Depressa Aurea" Juniperus Media "Old Gold" Jun. Media "Pfitzerana Aurea"
Taxus Baccata "Elegantissima" T. "Fastigata Aureomarginata" Taxus Baccata "Semperaurea"
Taxus Baccata "Standishii" Thuja Occidentalis "Rheingold" Thuja Orientalis "Aurea Nana"
Thuja Orientalis "Rosedalis" Thuja Plicata "Zebrina"  

Conifers with "Flecks"

You don't get true variation in conifers but these conifers come close - try them.
Cham. Lawsoniana Silver Threads Cham. Lawsoniana Snow White Pinus strobus 'Bergman's Variegated'

Conifers that "change colour" with the season
These Conifers don't actually change colour, as such, but they do go through a range of shades as the year goes on.

Cryptomeria Japonica "Elegans"
(Green to Bronze in Winter)

Cunninghamia Lanceolata
(Green to Brown in Autumn)
Ginko Biloba
(Pale green to gold in Autumn)
Larix Decidua
(Green to gold in Autimn)
Metasuquoia Glyptostroboides
(Pale green to gold in Autumn)
Picea "Albertiana Conica"
(Lovely Lime green Colour in Spring)
Taxodium Distichum ( Pale green to bronze-yellow in Autumn)
Thuja Occidentalis "Rheingold"
(Gold to copper in Winter)

Thuja Orientalis "Aurea Nana"
(Gold to bronze-green in Winter)

Thuja Orientalis "Rosedalis" - spectacular but difficult to track down.
(Gold in Spring, Green in Summer, Purple in Autumn!)

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