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Fragrant Plants
There are just too many to name them all.
Here are a just few to whet your appetite and get you thinking!

Shrubs & Trees
Perennials & Bulbs
Annuals (Bedding Plants)
* fragrant, **very fragrant
Aquilegia fragrans Alyssum - some
Azalea - deciduous Abbeyfield Rose**   Antirrhinum - some
Berberis Stenophyla Alpine Sunset** Carnation - all  
Buddleia - most Arthur Bell**   Carnation - all
Carpentaria Californica Betty Harkness** Datura  
Caryopteris Clandonensis Breath of Life* Daffodils - some Dianthus
Chimonanthus Praecox Bridge of Sighs* Dianthus - most  
Choisya Ternata Caring for You*   Erysimum - most
ClerodendrumTrichotomum Casino* Echinacea - most  
Clethra Ainifolia Champagne Cocktail**   Geraniums - scented vars
Corylopsis - all Chinatown** Freesia - all  
Cytisus Battandieri Compassion*   Heliotrope
Daphne - all Conservation* Hemerocalllis  
Deutzia Strawberry Fields Constance Finn Herbs - all Laurentia Blue Stars
Eleagnus - most Danse De Feu* Hosta Aphrodite  
Escallonia Macrantha Deep Secret** Hyacinths - all Nasturtium
Eucalyptus Dorothy Perkins*   Nemesia
Genista - most Double Delight** Iris - many (try Bearded) Nicotiana (Tobacco Plant)
Hamamelis - all Dublin Bay*   Night Scented Stock
Jasmine - most Dutch Gold* Lilies - esp Oriental  
Laburnum vossii Elina* Lily of the Valley Petunia - dwarf varieties
Laurus Nobilis Ena Harkness**    
Lavender -all Ernest H. Morse** Muscari armeniacum Snapdragon - some
Lonicera Fragrantissima Etoille De Holland   Stocks (Brompton)
Magnolia Grandoflora Fab** Narcissus Actea Stocks (Night Scented)
Magnolia Stellata First Class Narcissus Jonquilla Sweet Pea - all
Myrtus Communis Fragrant Cloud**   Sweet William
Osmanthus - most Fragrant Delight** Peaeonia - many  
Perovskia Atriplicifolia Friend for Life* Phlox -many Verbena Pink Parfait
Philadelphus - all Fulton Mackay* Pinks - most  
Phlomis Fructicosa Ginger Syllabub** Primrose - most Wallflower - many
Pittosporum Tobira Glenfiddich* Primula - most  
Ribes - most Golden Future*    
Rommeya Hybrida Golden Showers* Sage  
Roses - most Good Life* Snowdrops - double  
Rosemary - all Good News*    
Rubus Tridel "Benenden" Gwen Mayor Thyme  
Santolina - all Happy Anniversary*    
Skimmia Japonica Harry Edland Winter Aconites  
Syringa (Lilac) - all High Hopes*    
Viburnum Bodnantense Honeybunch*    
Viburnum Fragrans Indian Summer    
Wisteria Jacobite Rose*    
Witch Hazel Just Joey*    
Roses continued (*fragrant, **very fragrant)
Korresia** Mother's Joy Queen Elizabeth Tower Bridge**
Lilac Dream** Mountbatten* Rest in Peace* Troika*
Lily Marlene* My Love* Roseraie De L'Hay** Velvet Fragrance**
Lionheart Nice Day* Royal William* Warm Welcome*
Louisa Stone Peace Sexy Rexy* Warm Wishes**
Lovely Lady* Penny Lane* Sheila's Perfume Wedding Day*
Maigold* Perpetually Yours* Simply the Best** Well Done*
Maiden's Blush* Pink Peace** Southampton* Wenlock**
Margaret Merril** Poetry in Motion Sunsplash* White Gold**
McCartney Rose** Preservation Sweet Magic* With Love*
Mischief* Prima Ballerina** Tenerife** Zephrine Douhin*

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