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Favourite fuchsias
The flowers of decorative fuchsias with their ballet-dancer tutu shape of petals make it one of Britain's favourite Summer flowers. Just a few varieties are hardy and can live in gardens without harm, but most are tender and can only be displayed outdoors during the Summer months. Your local garden centre will have plenty of plants on display all with colourful posters or labels to ensure you buy the right colour or combination of colours. Remember there are bush varieties that grow tall and trailing types that make great displays from pots or hanging baskets.

If you are a gambler, and are happy to cover your plants with newspaper whenever the weather is expected to be frosty, then you can chance planting out in garden beds around the middle of this month. Cautious gardeners will plant up fuchsia plants into containers and protect them.

For the best growing results use Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Compost - this premium product holds twice as much water as ordinary multi-purpose compost and a slow release plant food that will feed your plants for up to six months. Now there's luxury conditions! Fuchsia roots in heaven.

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