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Gaultheria Procumbens
Ground Cover Plants
A ground cover plant should be low growing and spreading.
They are used to cover large areas quickly and to inhibit weeds, but
care should be taken with their use in smaller gardens. They don't
know when to stop spreading and can soon invade areas where you
don't want them! "Vinca" produces lovely flowers but can be
particularly vigorous ending up all over the garden.
Less vigorous spreaders such as "Gaultheria Procumbens" are better
for the smaller garden but more plants will be needed to cover a
given area.

Vinca Major

Berberis Candidula Calluna species Cotoneaster Horizontalis
Erica species Eunonymus Radicans Hedera species
Hypericum Calycinum Ivy - species Juniperus Horizontalis
Juniperus Media Lavender species Pachysandra Terminalis
Pernettya Mucronata Prunus Laurocerasus "Otto Luyken" Santolina Chamaecyparissus
Senecio Greyi Taxus Baccata "Repandens" Viburnum Davidii
Vinca species    

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