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Herb List 
We offer high quality English grown herbs.
They come with a large colour label with culinary instructions on the back.
Herbs are used in Cooking and in Medicines.

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Attractive creamy white flowers & large leaves which are pleasantly fragrant

Balm All Gold

Striking golden yellow lemon scented foliage

Balm Lemon

Bushy lemon scented upright foliage

Balm Lemon Variegated

Green & yellow variegated foliage

Basil Sweet

Highly aromatic with shiny bright green leaves


Cucumber flavoured leafed

Burnet Salad

Cucumber flavoured young leaves

Camomile Double

Creeping perennial with creamy double white flowers,  both flower & foliage
are sweetly apple scented, good ground cover plants

Camomile German

Sweet scented, finely divided leaves & daisy like flowers which can be frozen
or dried to make a fragrant relaxing tea

Camomile Lawn

Perennial evergreen, non flowering form, best for lawns as it need no mowing

Camomile Roman

Sweet smelling foliage & single daisy flowers, leaves can be used to make a
fragrant relaxing tea


Hairy pungent perennial which has less effect on cats


Globe artichoke


Owes its name to its stimulant effect on cats, which can eat & roll in the plant
with obvious pleasure


Light green fern like foliage


Thin green foliage, purple flowers

Chives Garlic

Mild garlic flavoured leaves with white flowers


Bristly foliage, deep rooted


Very strong taste

Coriander Vietnamese

Highly aromatic leaves with dark V-markings

Cotton Lavender

Silver grey aromatic foliage

Curry Plant Small

Delicate silver foliage with strong curry smell

Curry Plant Large

Soft silver foliage with a mild curry smell


Leaves are used as garnish

Fennel Bronze

Tall plumes of bronze feathery foliage

Fennel Green

Tall green feathery plumes

Feverfew Golden

Golden yellow feathery foliage


Used since ancient Greek times, medicinal & culinary uses

Hyssop Pink

Compact upright plant - pink flowers

Hyssop White

Compact upright plant - white flowers

Lavender Barcelona Pink

Pink  flower heads above, aromatic, pale grey-green foliage

Lavender Barcelona Purple

Elegant purple flower heads above, aromatic, pale grey-green foliage

Lavender Barcelona Rose

Pretty rose colour flowers above, aromatic, pale grey-green foliage

Lavender Barcelona White

Fragrant evergreen, grey foliage. Attractive to bees & butterflies

Lavender Devonshire Compact

Deep purple flowers

Lavender Edelweiss

White flowers

Lavender French

Dark purple flowers

Lavender Hidcote

Deep lavender blue flowers

Lavender Munstead

mid blue standard variety

Lavender Papillon

Purple French

Lavender Rosea

Pale lilac pink flowers

Lavender Stoechas

Dark purple flowers

Lavender Twickle Purple

Deep purple flowers

Lavender Vera

Pale blue flowers


Large dark green leaves

Marjoram Compact

Dwarf form of pot marjoram

Marjoram Gold

Gold form of marjoram

Marjoram Gold Tipped

Creamy gold tips to leaves, compact

Marjoram Sweet

Grey-green leaves have the finest flavour

Mexican Marigold

Winter/four seasons tarragon with excellent tarragon/aniseed flavour

Mint Apple

Hairy light green foliage

Mint Basil

Mint with a fresh basil flavour

Mint Black Pepper

Strong peppermint flavour with dark stems & leaves

Mint Buddleia

Very pale green velvety leaves & purple flowers

Mint Chocolate

Mint with  a  distinctive chocolate smell

Mint Corsican

One of the smallest mints, forming a low carpet of tiny bright green leaves,
emanating a strong scent of peppermint

Mint Curly

Distinct curly leaf

Mint Eau de Cologne

Strong Eau de Cologne scent

Mint Garden

Traditional garden mint with a strong spearmint flavour

Mint Ginger

Variegated gold & green foliage

Mint Grapefruit

Fragrant flowers, attractive to bees & butterflies

Mint Indian

Gracious white flowers over mint scented, vigorous trailing foliage

Mint Leaf Variegated

Variegated foliate is mint scented with scalloped edges. White flowers

Mint Lemon

Mint with  a  distinctive lemon smell

Mint Lime

Mint with  a  distinctive lime smell

Mint Moroccan

Closely set, toothed leaves with a clear spearmint flavour

Mint Orange

Mint with an orange smell

Mint Peppermint Variegated


Mint Pineapple

Variegated cream & green leaves

Mint Red

Red tinged stems & leaves

Mint Silver

Perennial with silvery green downy leaves & lilac flowers

Mint Spear

Spearmint, strong flavour

Mint Tashkent

Fresh green, slightly curled leaves & reddish stems

Mixed Herbs

Our selection


A must for any salad


Upright habit with pink flowers

Oregano Country Cream

Cream & pale green variegated foliage

Oregano French Golden

Oval yellow leaves & pale pink flowers

Oregano Gold

Bright gold leaves

Oregano Greek

A warm spicy oregano from Greece , with white or pale pink flowers. 
Attractive to bees & butterflies

Origanum Hot & Spicy

Small leafed compact habit - strong flavour

Parsley Curly

Emerald green curly leaves

Parsley French

Plain flat leaves with a strong flavour

Parsley Italian

Dark flat leaves, best culinary parsley

Parsley Japanese

Small pale green/white flowers, bright green tri-lobed shaped leaves

Rocket Salad

Creamy yellow or off white flowers with purple veins

Rocket Wild

Salad herb with creamy yellow flowers

Sage Common Broadleaf

Green leafed common cooking sage

Sage Icterina

Yellow variegated leaves

Sage Painted

Aromatic annual with bright green foliage, very decorative flower heads

Sage Pineapple

Bright scarlet flowers on pineapple scented foliage

Sage Purple

Purple leafed

Sage Tangerine

Scarlet flowers on tangerine scented foliage

Sage Tricolour

Cream, green & purple variegation

Sorrel Bloody Dock

Dark red veins with milder taste than sorrel

Tarragon French

Upright branch stems with aniseed flavoured leaves

Thyme Albus

Prostrate forming dense mat of tiny round leaves, white flowers attracts bees
& butterflies

Thyme Common

Common green leaf thyme

Thyme Creeping Lemon

Prostrate habit, lemon scented foliage

Thyme Creeping Red

Crimson pink flowers, with small elliptic aromatic leaves

Thyme Doone Valley

Low growing gold & dark green variegation

Thyme Foxley

Excellent culinary plant, favoured by butterflies

Thyme Golden

Spreading habit turning deep golden colour in cold periods

Thyme Hartington Silver

Pretty variegated creeping thyme with bright green cream edged leaves &
very pale pink flowers

Thyme Lemon

Green leaf, spreading, strong lemon scent

Thyme Lemon Curd

Creeping thyme with arching strands or small narrow strongly lemon scented
leaves & pink flowers, attractive to bees & butterflies

Thyme Lemon variegated

Gold & green variegation

Thyme Lilac

Attractive creeping thyme with lilac flowers, attractive to bees & butterflies

Thyme Orange

Attractive grey green foliage with a balsamic orange scent

Thyme Peter Davis

Dense foliage, bright pink flowers, attractive to bees

Thyme Silver Posie

White & light green upright foliage

Thyme Silver Queen

Pink flowers on silver variegated foliage

Thyme Tabor

Hardy perennial evergreen with round leaves, prostrate in habit


Pond margin plant with a pepper taste

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