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Plants for Seaside places
The soil in areas near the sea tends to have higher than normal salt levels.
The salt is carried by the wind off the sea and is deposited onto the soil - in time the levels build up.
If you are very close to the sea, sea spray will land directly onto your garden during stormy weather.
Plants in general don't like too high a salt concentration.

Salt tolerant Shrubs:
Arbutus Unedo Aryundinaria Choisya Ternata
Colutea Cordyline Cotoneaster
Cytisus Eleagnus Escallonia
Euonymus Fuchsia Garrya Elliptica
Genista Hebe Helianthemum
Hippohpae Rhammoides Hydrangea Macrophylla Ilex Aquilfolium
Lavender Olearia Phlomis
Pittosporum Pyracantha Rosemary
Salix Santolina Senecio
Spartium Spirea Tamarix
Ulex Viburnum Yucca

Salt tolerant Trees:
Acer Platanoides Acer Pseudoplatanus Castanea
Crataegus Fraxinus Populus Alba
Populus Canescens Populus Nigra "Italica" Quercus Ilex
Quercus Robur Sorbus Aria Sorbus Aucuparia

Topical tip:
Seaweed makes excellent fertilizer.
Many believe that Seaweed based fertilizers also give a
degree of frost protection to the plants they are used on.
An old wife's tale or what?

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