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Tomato Plants
all 99p
Information on growing Tomato plants
Due to popular demand from our customers we get the first of our
Tomato Plants in early - usually mid-March.
Tomatoes can tolerate a fair degree of cold (but not frost).
Many of our customers take advantage of this fact and plant up
one growbag early in the season to get a head start.
This can work even in an unheated greenhouse, just cover the
tomatoes with fleece if frost threatens.
If it works you get an early crop - if it doesn't you haven't lost too
much. Why not give it a try?
Varieties: Red Tomatoes:
Ailsa Craig: Ever popular favourite, reliable and heavy cropping
Alicante: Very popular, heavy cropping, can do well outdoors
Beefsteak/Big Boy: Big fruit. Can weight up to 250g
Garden Pearl: Bush cherry, high yielding
Gardener's Delight: Semi-bush, smaller fruit, very popular, can go outdoors
Micro Tom:  High yielding cherry even in low light, so ideal for windows
Moneymaker: Long established favourite, heavy cropping
Pixie: Outdoor variety, small fruit with good flavour
Red Alert: Cherry, excellent flavour
Roma: Delicious fleshy, plum shaped fruits
Shirley F1: Early maturing, disease resistant, short jointed often allowing an extra truss
Tumbling Tom/Tumbler: Trailing variety - great in hanging baskets or tubs
Totem: Dwarf bush, does well in Tub, no need to remove shoots
Tiny Tim: Compact bush, tiny fruit

Varieties: Yellow Tomatoes:

Golden Sunrise: Yellow fruits, reliable cropper.
Sun Baby: Cherry yellow, upright so prune out side shoots.

All Tomato Plants only 99p

Roma f1
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