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Even a small Garden can take a Tree!
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Ornamental Trees and Fruit Trees
(Guide to planting)

Ornamental Trees: from £12.49
Trees for the modern garden should be grown on dwarf rootstock to prevent them growing to their full potential.
There is a great variety of Trees available nowadays to suit all tastes and every garden should have some.
Trees vary in price quite a bit and may seem expensive but there is a lot of work in growing trees, particularly in
the grafting.
Once established Trees require virtually no maintenance other than feeding.
Some of the more popular Trees are:

The Rowan Tree:
There are new varieties of this old favourites with coloured berries other than the usual red.

The Ornamental Cherry:
With their pink flowers in spring these are still a great favourite, particularly the weeping ones.
Have lovely foliage which changes colour in the Autumn and can be quite spectacular.
The Kilmarnock Willow:
This weeping Tree with it's yellow catkins is probably the most popular Tree.

Betula Pendula
Prunus Amanagowa
Rowan Tree
Acer Rubrum

Fruit Trees: from £19.99
Fruit trees are worth considering even in a small garden - nothing beats the freshness of home grown fruit.

Apples Trees:
Apples are the most popular but take care in choosing - Apples Trees are not self pollinating.
Two Apple trees, preferably of different varieties are needed to cross pollinate one another.
The rule is that the two varieties chosen must flower at about the same time or they can't pollinate one
another - so check if the two varieties you are interested in are in the same flowering period.
The two Trees don't have to be in the same garden - if one of your neighbours has an Apple Tree it will
pollinate yours if they flower at the same time.
All the Apple Trees that we sell are in the same flowering group.

Other Fruit Trees:
worth considering are:
Eating Cherry

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