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Click here for information about Roses
(H=Hybrid Tea, F=Floribunda, P=Patio)

Click on the links below for lists of the other varieties that we normally stock in season.

Ballerina Pink   Fiona Red
Flower Carpet - Pink Pink   Flower Carpet Sunshine Yellow
Flower Carpet Velvet Red   Flower Carpet White White
Maiden's Blush Bluch Pink   Nozomii Blush White
Rosa Rubrifolia Grey Foliage   Rosamundi Pale Pink
Roserie De L'Hay Purple   The Fairy Pink
The Jacobite rose White      

Remember to feed Roses,
they are "greedy" plants.
We recommend
"Rose Plus" or "Toprose".
Roses really benefit from a good dose of Magnesium.
Epsom Salts is high in Magnesium
and gives Roses a real boost!
Spray Roses to prevent
Greenfly and Black Spot.
We recommend
"Rose Clear 3" or "Multirose"

Both Rose Clear 3 and Multirose are harmless to Ladybirds

Looking after Roses:
As well as pruning, mentioned above, Roses require feeding, preferably with a good quality dedicated Rose Fetilizer. Because of all the pruning roses rquire, they need a lot of feeding to provide for the new growth.
Slow release Rose Fertilizer is even better. As the name implies, fertilizer is released in an even controlled manner over a period of time.
Roses are also prone to Aphid attack, especially Greenfly, so check regularly and spray if necessary.
Use a spray such as Roseclear which kills greenfly but not beneficial insects like Ladybirds (which eat Greenfly).
Roses are also prone to fungal infections, especially Blackspot, so check regularly and spray if necessary.
Use a spray such as Roseclear which also kills Blackspot and other common fungi that affect Roses..

If we don't have your Rose in Stock it may be available by Mail Order through:
Greenhead Nursery,
Old Greenock Road,
Renfrew PA4 9PH

Tel: 0141 812 0121
e-mail: sales@rosesscotland.co.uk
Web site: www.rosesscotland.co.uk
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