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Grass Seed from Evergreen, Johnsons and Suttons

EverGreen Grass Seed mixtures are blended from purpose bred sports turf grass varieties tested by the Sports Turf Research Institute. The mixtures have a unique formula that contains Headstart® to improve germination. EverGreen Grass Seed is treated with bird repellent to make it less palatable to birds.

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EverGreen Multi Purpose Grass Seed

For hard-wearing lawns this mixture contains a blend of dwarf and fine-leaved ryegrass. This mixture provides a dense cover with good resistance to wear and tear caused by children, pets or heavy foot traffic. Click here for further details.

EverGreen Shady Lawn Grass Seed

For lawns that are shaded by trees or buildings. This is blended without ryegrass and uses specially selected hard Fescues and Browntop Bent ideal for shady conditions. Click here for further details.

EverGreen Fine Lawn Grass Seed

For fine ornamental lawns. This mixture contains a blend of fine-leaved grasses such as Fescues and Browntop Bent without ryegrass.

Grass Seed
Patch Pack 7sq m
Lawn Repair Kit 20sq m
Multipurpose Grass Seed 16sq m
Multipurpose Grass Seed 28sq m
Fine Lawns Grass Seed 14sq m
Shady Lawns Grass Seed 14sq m

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