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Flower Seed Range

Standard Flowers - Our main flower seed range provides everything from easy-to-grow annuals to exotic climbers.
Wildflowers - A choice of 15 native British wildflowers to bring a little of the countryside into the garden.
Flower Collections - Ever popular, there are 15 themed collections, each containing 6 separately packed varieties.
Heritage Seeds - Unusual varieties from yesteryear hihgligted in packets inspired by Victorian designs.
Sensory Garden - Flowers chosen for their appeal to the full range of senses including touch, smell and hearing. Every packet of Sweet Pea 'Guide Dog' from this range raises 25p for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
Garden Doctor - Plants to naturally improve soil fertility, pollination and reduce pests on the vegetable plot. Garden Doctor includes 3 green manures and 6 companion plants that are merchandised beside their companion vegetable.
Wildlife Attracting - 15 carefully selected flower varieties that are especially attractive to honey bees, butterflies, moths and birds but will also add colour and variety to the garden.

Vegetable Seed Range

With so much to inspire the kitchen gardener, it's no wonder that vegetables are more popular than ever!

Standard Vegetables - Our main vegetable range has every variety the kitchen gardener could need from old favourites to the latest F1 hybrids.
Organic Vegetables - Popular vegetables that have been grown using strictly organic, chemical free methods. Accredited by the Organic Farmers and Growers Association.
Herbs - Fresh herbs are hugely popular! Many can br grown year round from seed.
Mediterranean Flavours - Classic vegetables from the region, perfect for the most authentic Mediterranean dishes.
Mini Veg - An attractive alternative to traditional crops; quicker to grow and taking up less space.
Healthy Veg Without Chemicals - Modern varieties that have a much greater resistance to some of the many common diseases and pests such as carrot fly, downy mildew and powedry mildew - reducing the need for chemical controls.

Microcrops - Seed sprouts and seedlings are a quick, easy and nutritious way to add to our daily intake of vegetables. It takes only a few days to grow a deliciously healthy crop of seed sprouts which are packed full of vitamins. Ideal for adding flavour and crunch to garnishes, salads and sandwiches.

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