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West Carlston Home Page

6X Manure and ferilizer

Acidic Soil

Adult costumes for fancy dress and Halloween

Alkaline / Chalky Soil

Alpine and rockery plant list

Alpine and rockery plants

Aquatic compost

Aquatic plant list

Aquatics - fish food

Aquatics - fish food for aquariums

Aquatics - fish food for koi

Aquatics - fish food for ponds

Aquatics - fish for ponds

Aquatics - fish information

Aquatics - fish pests and diseases

Aquatics - pond information

Aquatics - pond liners

Aquatics - pond pumps

Aquatics - pond treatments

Aquatics - sel contained water features

Aquatics - main page

Aquatics - pond filters

Autumn bedding plants

Autumn Lawn Food

Autumn planting Bulbs for Spring colour

Bark - chipped, decorative and composted

Bedding plants for Autumn

Bedding plant list

Bedding plants main page

Bedding plants for Spring

Beijing Olympic Garden Gallery

Bird food, feeders, tables etc

Boggy /waterlogged Soil

Bulbs for the garden

Bulbs info - West Carlston Garden Centre

Bush fuchsias (upright)

Calor Gas, Paraffin, Coal, Logs and Fuel Peat

Carpet of flowers.htm

Celebration Roses

Chips, Sand, Gravel & Grits

Christmas - blow moulded ornaments

Christmas Cards, Paper, Ribbons, Bows etc

Christmas Fibre Optic Trees and Ornaments

Christmas Holly Wreaths

Christmas Houseplants

Christmas Houseplants information

Christmas Lights for indoors and outdoors

Christmas main page

Christmas Real Holly Wreaths and other ornaments

Christmas Tree Decorations


Clay Soil

Clever Squirrels

Climbing and Rambling Roses

climbing plants

Compost for planting

Compost information

Composting - West Carlston Garden Centre

Computing accessories


Cuprinol and Sadolin wood treatments and preservatives

Delivery service deatails


Everything for Propagation

Fertilizers - main page

Fertilizers - Straights

Fertilizers information

Fireworks - Barrage Packs

Fireworks - Barrages

Fireworks - Fountains

Fireworks - Rockets

Fireworks - Selection Boxes

Fireworks sold all year round

Foliage Plants

Fragrant plants

Fragrant Roses

Fruit bushes

Fruit Trees

Furniture - Bistro Set

Furniture - Bluebell Set

Furniture - cushion colours and patterns

Furniture - Elstree folding bench

Furniture - Fabric Set

Furniture - food and drinks serving Trolleys

Furniture - Gazebo with bench

Furniture - Hammocks

Furniture - Kingston Benches

Furniture - Lazy Susan

Furniture - Mentmore Set

Furniture - Octagonal Set

Furniture - Picnic Table

Furniture - Steamer Reclining Chair

Furniture - Stora Set

Furniture - Sutton Bench with built in table

Furniture - Thames Bench

Furniture - Thames Set

Garden Buildings - Greenhouse prices

Garden Buildings - Greenhouses

Garden buildings - pictures

Garden Buildings - Sheds, Chalets, Playhouses, Huts

Garden Chemicals home page

Garden Ferns

Garden Furniture - main page

Garden information & help

Garden Ornaments

Garden Pinks / Carnations

Garden Sheds, Greenhouses

Garden sundries


Gloves for the garden

Grass seed info

Growing Potatoes info

Half (1/2) Barrels, Wooden Troughs etc

Halloween home page

Hanging basket plants

Hanging Baskets for planting up -wire and plastic

Hardwood Wishing Well


Hedging plants

Herb list

Herbs, Fruit and Vegetables

How to plant a hanging basket

Hozelock - hand, Killaspray and Knapsack sprayers

Hozelock - Hose fittings

Hozelock - Hose Reels

Hozelock - information on Hose fittings

Hozelock - Information on Hose Reels

Hozelock - information on Spay guns and Lances

Hozelock - Lawn sprayers information

Hozelock - Spray Guns and Lances

Hozelock - Sprayers information

Hozelock - Sprinklers for lawns and the garden in general

Hozelock - types of Hoses

Hozelock Products main page

HTA National Gift Vouchers

Image gallery

Info - Peat, Bark, Coir and Cocoa Shell

Information on Lawns

Information on Manure

Island Porcelain

John Innes Compost

Johnsons Seeds

Lawn Food/Fertilizer, Weed, Feed and Mosskiller

Levington and Gem Growbags


Memorial Roses

Moving plants

Mr. Fothergill's Seeds


Nasturtiums list

Ornamental grasses

Our Hanging Basket gallery

Our planted trough gallery

Our planted Tubs gallery

Patio Roses

Peat information and prices

Peat, Bark, Coir and Cocoa Shell

Perennial and herbaceous plant list

Perennial and herbaceous plants

Pesticide & Fungicide info

Pesticides and Fungicides

Pink Tools for the ladies

Plant of the week and month

Planting info

Plants - main page

Plants for every season

Plants for flower arrangers

Plants for ground cover

Plants for industrial areas

Plants for seaside areas

Plants for shade

Plants to attract wildlife

Plastic Containers by Stewart and B-Line

Plugs and Seedlings - young plants

Plugs and Seedlings information

Pruning information

Rapid Green Grass Seed

Real Christmas Trees

Recommended Roses

Recycling Centre - open 7 days

Rockdust information

Rockmix and Rocksoil information

Ron's Newspaper Articles

Roses - information

Roses - main page

Sandy Soil

Satellite image 1

Satellite image 2

Satellite image 3

Scotts Gardening Diary

Seed Potaoes - list and prices

Seeds - main page

Shrub Roses

Shrubs for the garden

Signs made to order

Slug Pellets

Soil - main page

Special Offers

Spring planting Bulbs for Summer colour

Standard Roses

Stone effect Containers by Elmdene

Summer bedding plants

Sweet pea list

Target Dry "Mac in a Sac"

Tea Room - breakfast menu

Tea Room - Christmas menu

Tea Room - daily specials

Tea Room - hot snacks

Tea Room - kid's menu

Tea Room - main courses

Tea Room - main page

Tea Room - real fruit smoothies

Tea Room - salads

Tea Room - Sandwiches and Baguettes

Tea Room - scones and cakes

Tea Room - starters

Tea Room - teas, coffees and soft drinks

Tea Room - Wines and Beers

Terracota and Malayan stoneware pots

Tomato growing information

Tomato varieties

Tools - Felco Secateurs

Tools - main page

Tools - Yeoman

Tools - Yeoman minis for children

Traditional Roses

Trailing Fuchsias

Trees - ornamental varieties

Trees suitable for the garden

Tubs and other Containers for planting up

Types and colours of Pansies

Useful links

Veg growing information

Vegetables, Onion sets, Shallots, Cucumbers, Brassicas etc

Vento range of clothes lines

Walking Sticks

Wall Baskets for planting up


Watering cans and roses

Weedkiller information


Wellinton boots for adults and Wellies for children

What we sell - our product range

Where we are and how to find us

Wild bird food, feeders, tables etc

Wolf Tools

Woodland Wilf - garden ornaments

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