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Use Weedkillers carefully - always read the Label and follow the Instructions.
There are very few Weedkillers left for sale to the general public.
For more information on Weedkillers click on: Weedkillers

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The Weedol Rootkill Plus Range
Our Price
Weedol Rootkill Plus (3 tubes)
Weedol Rootkill Plus (6 tubes)
Weedol Rootkill Plus (12 tubes)
Weedol Rootkill Plus (18 tubes)
Weedol Rootkill Plus(1litre RTU)


Summer bedding is fading and many plants have past their best. The only thing that's guaranteed to keep on growing are the weeds. Don't despair - as you can kill those weeds without digging. Annual weeds can be treated in a day with Weedol Gun! MAX but bindweed, couch grass, ground elder and other tough weeds need the power of Roundup to kill the roots.

The Roundup Range
Roundup is now sold according to the number of
standard watering cans a container will make

Our Price
RTU Gun 1 litre
RTU Gun 5 Litre
RTU Gun Refill 5 litre
Liquid concentrate 210m2
Liquid concentrate 280m2
Liquid concentrate 540m2
Liquid concentrate 1000m2
Roundup Ultra 3000 -- £49.99 (3000sq m)
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The Tumbleweed Extra Strong Range
Our Price
Tumbleweed 1 litre "Ready To Use" Gun
Tumbleweed 500 ml (concentrate)
Sprinkle Bar for applying Weedkiller
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Tough Weedkillers* for the more stubborn Weed
Roundup Tree Stump killer

Knock Out that Knotweed, tree stumps and other hard to kill weeds

Tough weeds including Japanese knotweed is a devil to get rid of. But Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller has a unique application method to kill it, roots and all. In late summer cut back the stems and add 10ml of diluted weedkiller to each hollow stem. There's a pipette in each box to make the application accurate and very effective. Roundup Tree Stump & Rootkiller WORKS FOR TREES AND STUMPS AND ROOTS AS WELL.

1 litre
(3000sq mtr)
RRP £63.91
Our Price £49.99

SBK Brushwood Killer
125ml £4.99
1 Litre

Tree Stump Killer
3 sachet
RRP £7.19
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Residual Weedkillers*:

(These Weedkillers not only kill Weeds but they can keep them away for long periods)

Sodium Chlorate
Sodium Chlorate is no longer available.
We recommend "Ground Clear" as an
alternative. This is what we use ourselves.

New from Bayer
(formerly PBI)

3 sachets: £5.49
6 sachets: £8.99
12 sachets: £16.49
15 sachets: £19.99

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Pathclear as it's name suggests is designed for keeping paths and driveways clear of Weeds.
When applied in the correct concentration it can last for months.

Our Price
Pathclear +PreventerReady To Use Gun
Pathclear +Preventer 3 litre RTU Gun
Pathclear +Preventer 3 Sachet
Pathclear +Preventer 6 Sachet
Pathclear +Preventer 12 Sachet
Pathclear +Preventer 18 Sachet
Pathclear +Preventer 500ml (333m2)
Pathclear +Preventer 1 Litre (665m2)
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Finally don't forget the Hoe!

A Hoe is one of the most useful Tools in the garden - particularly for weeding.
Environmentally Friendly.

Always read the label. Use Weedkillers safely

BugClear ™ and BugClear Gun!™ contain bifenthrin. EverGreen® Complete contains MCPA, mecoprop-P and ferrous sulphate. Pathclear® Ultra contains glyphosate, oxidiazon and diflufenican. Pathclear Gun!™ contains glyphosate and diuron. Roseclear Gun!™ contains bifenthrin and flutriafol. SlugClear™ Advanced Pellets and SlugClear™ contain metaldehyde. Weedol® 2 and Weedol Gun!™ contain diquat.
®, ™ , Miracle-Gro and Levington are Trade Marks of The Scotts Company or its affiliates.

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